Oil painted portraits are not just an image of someone you know, that can be done by photograph, a Painted Portrait captures the personality, the character, a moment in time a sense of their physical presence that can make you  feel connected with the portrayed person, their thoughts and attitude. A Portrait Painted is the celebration and honor of the life of someone you love or admire.

Painted Portraits are commissioned by all kind of people and for different reasons, celebrations of special events and achievements, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, for special gifts or just to have a presence memory of a loved gone person.

Juan Cantavella portraits captures the soul and bring life to the canvas for a timeless experience of a classical style painting which will last for generations to come. He is a very detail oriented artist in the pursue of perfection with the attitude that every painting he creates has to be the very best ever.  His paintings are made using the highest quality materials and canvases that he prepares himself in his studio.


The first step is to discuss your investment, budget and vision in order to achieve exactly what kind of portrait you are looking for, formal or informal, clothing, number of people in the painting, setting,  final size and frame according to the place where it will be hung, and time frame necessary for the artist to paint the portrait, it varies from two weeks to three months depending on the size and complexity. Investment starts at $450.00 for a small head only portraits and up depending on size, complexity and number of persons in the painting

Second step will be to define if the portrait will be done from life, from a series of photographs taken by the artist or from your favorite photo.

Third step. Depending on the direction taken we will discuss your photos and details, here the artist may consider to make a preliminary sketch or just start working from a pre-approved image. After agreement  and 30%  deposit of the total will be made the artist will begin the artwork.

Fourth step. Upon completion of the painting a digital image will be sent for approval if the client is not in the artist studio area. Once approved your portrait can be shipped, delivered or picked up at the artist studio. The remaining balance is due in full  prior to shipping or delivery.

Texas, USA

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